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The following is the essence of what VIBE9 Monitors is all about.

After dedicating over twenty years as a hearing professional and device manufacturer, I decided to focus the rest of my career on one thing, to design and build custom in-ear monitors on a personal level. By design I am keeping this company small, so you will never talk to a factory receptionist or representative/sales person. You will always talk directly to me, the engineer/owner, the guy who personally crafts your customs. I guarantee them to fit you perfectly and deliver superior audio designed for your specific needs.

The VIBE9 name is new, but I have been building custom in-ear monitors since 1990. My interest in designing and building custom in ears began while observing many musicians suffering hearing loss from loud stage monitors. So I conceived some of the very first custom in ear monitors to enter the market. I was also one of the early developers who took receivers (now commonly called drivers) from the hearing instrument industry and utilized them for their small size and fidelity in custom in-ears.

My Guarantee To You

For as long as you own your monitors, I will repair any driver or shell failure at no charge. Because you depend on them, I design and build my monitors to withstand the rigor of touring and live performance. You will never find a better made in ear monitor. Also, because I depend on word of mouth advertising and maintain low overhead, my prices compared to the very best on the market will always be more affordable.

I will personally respond to any request.

I will always be that ‘Little Lab in Texas’

Padre of the VIBE9 Family. – Sincerely, Michael Maurer

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