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The following is the essence of what VIBE9 Monitors is all about.

2020 marks thirty years for me as a hearing professional and audio device craftsman. Before founding VIBE9 in 2014, I identified and addressed several important changes that are needed in this industry. First, maintain low SPL distortion with the dynamic sound quality and headroom everyone wants. Design and craft durable monitors specifically for the Professional Musician. And finally, keep the company small so I can give personal attention to every single person who calls on me.

Each IEM is handcrafted from an investment casting of your ear impression. The handwork is crucial to a perfect fitting and as-of-yet cannot be duplicated by 3D technology. Why, because the ear canal and pinna are not static, and every individual has different needs that I can account for. Similarly, the shape of the IEM’s shell, the internal component placement, and the densities of the shell all play a crucial role. Couple this with ongoing innovations in crossover technology, driver excellence, and component durability, I strive to make VIBE9 Monitors the best fitting, best in audio, best in quality/durability, and the best in value. – Michael Maurer

My guarantee to you:

No charge for any repair or
replacement of components for the life of your IEMS.
“The only exception is if you break them underfoot, which thus far has been our only repair issue. But guess what, since the drivers were not damaged, I didn’t charge for the remakes.”- Michael Maurer

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